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What I Offer

In-Person Lessons

For those who learn best face to face, I am here. COVID has been hard on all of us-with me you will find a safe and clean learning environment!

Online Lessons

For my “anywhere in the world” students! I love you all! Here you will find that community is key. You will not just receive lessons complete with recorded exercises specified to you; you will receive a community of others in my studio, both in person and virtual, who want to share their music journey with you!

Music Mentorship

Are you interested in understanding the voice for the purpose of teaching? Are you desiring to teach others the vocal freedom that you have gained in a way that is clear, understandable, and effective? If so, music mentorship is for you!

"Touch Up" Lessons

This option is for professional vocalists who simply need to “touch up” some areas of their voices!

Master Classes

Vocal Health, Performance Skills, Real People Real Voices, and more!


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Public Speaking

Identity in the Arts: Catered to inspiring all artists from worship teams to fine arts departments: If you’re in the arts, this brings motivation to the “why” behind the song!

Identity in the Hearts: Geared towards any group needing new perspective, fresh hope, and connection all in one!



Looking to start your own music studio? Simply desiring business advice and guidance to get you started into living your passion? I am here to help! No matter what you love, I can give you the steps necessary to help build the life you deserve!

I’m ready when you are! Your beautiful voice is right around the corner.