Hey, I’m Hannah!


The key to all of singing is healthy vocal production!

I am a former program director at a top vocal studio in Virginia Beach, Virginia who decided that life could look different than a regular 9-5 with little time, dwindling passion, and lots of monotony. I attended University for vocal performance and started teaching in 2014. After leaving the “mainstream” work life to gain the life of freedom, purpose, and passion that I desired, I am now a signed singer/songwriter, a music director for multiple musical theatre companies, a worship leader, a public speaker, and a vocal teacher who revels in helping my students thrive!

My desire is to transform the voices placed in my care through the simple science of muscular development. I consider vocal health to be the pinnacle of my teaching methods! The biggest thing I want every member of my studio to know is that when you start working with me, it is my job to help you. It is not your job to make sure you are perfect. Have you been told that you have vocal nodules? I am here to help you rehabilitate them. Want to explore a different genre than you’re used to? I am here to show you how. If you’re brand new at singing you are in the right place, and if you’ve been singing for decades I am here to make sure your voice stays strong and in tact! Every reason for singing is valuable, and if we can get what’s in your heart to come fully alive in song, then I have done my job!

If your heart is to sing, teach, or simply just learn about your instrument and yourself, then know that I am here, and I am so excited. Book a discovery call-I can’t wait to get started!


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“You have a voice living inside of you; I am here to simply give it back to you fully.”