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Hannah rosenfarb

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A discovery call is how I start each journey with a new student or client! This is a time for you to talk and for me to listen. It is a time for you to express your heart to someone who truly cares. It is a set apart time for you to be able to talk with me and know that you are in safe hands. From there, you will be provided with a customized outline of exactly how I will guide you to your goals!

I want you to know something – I do not take your trust lightly. Giving someone access to your needs, your instrument, your voice– is a very vulnerable step. Believe me, I get it! That is why I have created a way for you to be able to communicate every single one of your thoughts, fears, goals, hopes, and desires for your voice-and yes-even for your life!

Let’s get started!


My name is Lauren Smith and I am a worship leader at Harvest Bible Chapel and Vertical Worship. In January of this year I got covid and I noticed how much it effected my singing voice. Breathing, stamina, and hitting certain notes were more difficult to do so I knew I needed help. Hannah Rosenfarb helped me so much through her touch up lessons, and gave me the tools and warm ups I needed to get back to where I was before. She has so much knowledge when it comes to all things singing and your vocal chords, and she even helped me better understand my voice so I can better take care of it. Now, I’ve been back on the road since March and my voice is feeling better than ever! I am so thankful for Hannah and I highly recommend her for all of your vocal needs!

Lauren Smith

Signed Singer/Songwriter and Worship Leader, Vertical Worship, Harvest Bible Chapel

As a producer, I have worked with many talented and creative people over many years; but I can honestly say few are as impressive in their skill and critical musical instincts as Hannah Rosenfarb. From the very first project we worked on together it was immediately apparent that she posseses all of the gifts and capabilities of a top-level singer/songwriter.

From her mastery of various vocal techniques and a finely-crafted ear for melody, harmony, and improvisation, to her divine gift for crafting lasting images out of words; there truly is very little Hannah can’t do. It is always a pleasure to write and record with Hannah, and I can not recommend working with her enough for anyone looking to experience a true master at work.
DJ Davis

Owner/Producer, The DESTINY Center Studios

Hannah Rosenfarb is hands down the best vocal pedagogist in the area. She is a joy to work with and learn from. Your mind will be set at ease, and the most important things will be explained in clear, measurable ways. You will find you have “won” just by walking into her studio.

Lynn Richards

CEO/Co-Founder, Rich Theatre, Rich Studios

Hannah specializes in fostering a healthy voice. She truly cares about how I’m feeling during a lesson both physically and emotionally. She breaks down any mental blocks while simultaneously bringing out a voice I had no idea I could have. How does she do it? By simply being her expert self. She’s a patient, considerate, and thoughtful teacher and my voice has never felt (or sounded) better!

April Joy Weatherspoon

Personal Organizer, April Joy and Co.

Ms. Hannah has opened up a whole new side to my voice. I’m so grateful for her teachniques and insight. Online lessons have been a great option for me in these times and I can really hear the significant progress I’ve made in just the past five months. Now I am going to VanderCook College of Music in Chicago, where my auditioners commented on how solid my technique was. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Ms. Hannah!

Jamie Lynn Cruz

Student, VanderCook School of Music

Hannah is beyond gifted! Before taking lessons with her, I struggled with low self-esteem because of my voice and the issues I faced with both speech and singing. As a teacher, I spend my days talking. I was consistently losing my voice, and I was at a loss. With grace, Hannah joyfully guided me through her masterful vocal techniques. Not only am I sounding better, I am actually breathing correctly for the first time! I am forever grateful! 

Brittany Bridgers

1st Grade Teacher, Providence Elementary School

Ms. Hannah has been extremely helpful for me the past seven months. She’s helped me work through vocal issues and make breakthroughs that I never thought I’d see. On top of that, Ms. Hannah was willing to meet with me every Wednesday at 7am so we could fit two lessons a week into my schedule! She’s super easy to work with and good at what she does, I wouldn’t want anyone else to be my voice coach!

Luke Kuen

Student, NGU